Juha hurme & Essi Kosola  23|7  8PM  (gmt +3)
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The broadcast with Juha Hurme and Essi Kosola was seen as part of the Hailuoto Theatre Festival!


King Lear was first made for The Hot Box in 2020 as a framework for dance improvisation by Saara Hurme. A relaxed study of a father and daughter, with real-life father and daughter Juha and Saara Hurme cast in the main roles of the old king and his daughter.

Because Saara Hurme is trapped in London due to the coronavirus pandemic, King Lear will assume a new form in Hailuoto. The role of the daughter will be filled by Essi Kosola, who is supposedly not Juha Hurme’s daughter nor a dancer, but she is a dancing actor.

It remains to be seen what will become of King Lear in Hailuoto, but one thing is certain: it will be true Shakespeare. As for Kosola, she first heard about the upcoming performance in June 2021. Her only comment? “Time to start stretching.”

Juha Hurme is a writer and theater director. During his career he has directed around 200 works for various city theaters, the Finnish National Theater, and Kom-teatteri, among others. Hurme has published five novels, the most recent of which (Niemi, 2017) was awarded the Finlandia prize for literature. His previous novel, Nyljetyt ajatukset (2014), received the Jarkko Laine prize. Together with musician Tuomari Nurmio, Hurme has also founded KalevalaFest, a group working to revitalize Finnish folklore.

Photos: Stefan Bremer

Essi Kosola is a performance and spoken word artist. She’s a member of the Korpiryhmä in North Karelia, the performance and spoken word group Sanaseura and the feminist spoken word choir Femme Coeur. Kosola has performed with many talented artists in a wide range of spaces, from festivals, coffee shops and markets to wells, castles, islands and even the wilderness. As a performer she finds many things fascinating and doesn’t hesitate to pursue them.


Photo: Essi Kosola