Dance artist Mirva Mäkinen and cellist Sergio Castrillón bring their mix of improvised dance and music to The Hot Box.

Showtime 15.12. 5 PM (GMT +2)

MIRVA MÄKINEN, dance artist

During her career, Mirva Mäkinen has worked as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher. In her doctoral thesis she emphasizes the value of physical communication. Mäkinen is a specialist in contact work and her passion is improvisation. Over the last 15 years, she has taught dance in 40 countries and worked widely in the international dance world.

Link to Mirva Mäkinen’s doctoral dissertation

Tanssitaiteilija Mirva Mäkisen silhuetti

Mirva Mäkinen’s work “Ajan ja Paikan Ulottumattomissa”, photo: Mikko Mäntyniemi


Sergio Castrillón is an artist and composer who is interested in sound and any manifestation of creativity. As a composer his work incorporates several formats, including instrumental acoustic, electroacoustic, acousmatic and multimedia.
He is currently in the last year of his PhD research, called “New Directions in the Cello Timbre,” at the University of Helsinki. As a visiting lecturer at institutions around Europe and South America, he teaches and assists in diverse range of practical and theoretical courses. As a performer, Sergio is involved in several musical and multidisciplinary projects, including Kaiku Duo, LOS DUO, Korvat Auki Ensemble, Laponia Improvisations Experiment and MimoArt Company. In recent years his work has been focused on collaborations within sound art, performance, contemporary dance, theater, poetry and the visual arts.

Sellisti Sergio Castrillón

Sergio Castrillón, photo: Daniel Malpica