Sohvi Roininen  20|11  5pm (gmt+2)
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Actor Sohvi Roininen graduated from Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in 2017. After graduation Sohvi spent two years as a choreographer in the city theater of Kajaani. Sohvi has also worked as an actor in Takomo Theater and the Summer Theater of Turku, and she has experience in front of the camera as an actor and a dancer. Currently, she is performing in ELÄIN ANIMAL DJUR, visual artist Anikó Kuikka’s latest work. As an artist, Sohvi finds her inspiration from what is found behind the words, from what our body reveals when words run out.


She arrives home, the sun at her back. Home is empty. Everywhere, empty. Silence. The bass pulses in her blood. The earth calls but now is not the time to give up. The day changes only once sleep comes; this day must not end yet. It must be held tight, even if there is no reason why. A thread in the hand, no matter how thin, an attempt to control at least something at 8:12 in the morning.

Photo: Iinu Torniainen
Front page photo: Laura Malmivaara