Teho Majamäki  21|11  4pm (gmt+2)
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Teho Majamäki is a Finnish musician and percussionist. He has played with groups such as Ismo Alanko Säätiö, Nylon 66’ers, HC Andersen, Eläkeläiset and Kostajat. Teho’s main instrument is the vibraphone, but he also plays udu, marimba, tubes and other percussion instruments along with various keyboards and string instruments.

Since 2006 Teho has toured with Ismo Alanko, playing songs from throughout Alanko’s career. Blanco Spirituals, their first album, was released in February 2008. In 2016 Teho released the album Travelogue, where he plays with singers such as Ville Valo, Ismo Alanko and Johanna Kurkela. Some of the compositions on the album were composed together with Samuli Laiho. Majamäki has also worked as composer for Rinneradio.

Percussionist Teho Majamäki brings his human experiment to the Hot Box, where presence, sound, light and moving image merge to create an organic whole. Teho will close himself in the Box with his vibraphone, drums, a frog, water, a fly swatter, an irimba, the sounds of nature and electronics. The work will be projected on the outside of the Box, from where the audience can safely follow the continuously changing performance. Klaus Nyqvist is responsible for the video projection while Pauliina Saarman will handle the sound.
Photo: Nauska
Front page photo: Oriol Hernando