The Hot Box - INFO

THE HOT BOX is a portable performance and online art space for live streaming broadcasts. The multi-camera broadcasts feature artists from a range of disciplines. The box itself is an intimate, eight cubic meter wooden cube that moves to a new setting selected by the artists themselves for each broadcast.

Stream the broadcasts, free of charge, on your computer, phone or tablet. The live streams are available on our YouTube and Facebook channels. Under Past Broadcasts you can browse and watch previous performances. Follow us on Instagram for a glimpse behind the scenes, to learn more about the artists and crew, and to experience some of the excitement of the broadcast day.

The filming and streaming of each broadcast is led by Sami Kotola and carried out in cooperation with the Media Studies program of Gradia Jyväskylä. Olli Hirvanen and Elina Wuethrich are The Hot Box’s producers and artistic directors.